Our Team

And a little about each of us...

We love to meet up for coffee every month to have a catch-up, debrief, share all our learnings over the last month and have some time out together as well as coffee and cake!

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Rachel Wilson our Director
Accountant B Acc

Rachel our director loves business, numbers, processes, you name it! Rachel has a vision to create a hub of Counted professionals who work "on the ground" with businesses all over NZ, being approachable and understanding each business's needs. While based in Hawkes Bay we service the whole of NZ virtually and a few overseas clients as well.

Rachel enjoys being able to explain concepts in an everyday language and is flexible to work with businesses and present their finances in a way that they can understand what's going on right now, and what they need to move forward with and plan what needs to happen next.

When Rachel is not crunching the numbers she enjoys sewing and hiking. She is working on creating her dream sewing room to chill out in and create magnificent wearable art!!



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