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Counted Accounting, Bookkeeping and Digital Media

Counted provides high-quality accounting, bookkeeping and digital media services covering Hawkes Bay and beyond. We love to help entrepreneurs grow and manage their businesses. Get expert skilled help with complex financial tasks and become more efficient with your business. Our team will help you manage your business financials, creating a tailored approach for all your needs.

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Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Digital Media Solutions for your business.

At Counted, we love numbers, people, and partnerships. We believe in the power of business and are here to help business owners like you reach your goals.

We understand the pressures of running a company while keeping up with daily life. This is why we work with you to alleviate those stresses so you can get on with business.

>> How can we help you?

At Counted we are a team who can provide you with services from your Bookkeeping, your Tax Preparation and Filing through to your Online Presence and Business Advisory.

What do you need help with in your business?  Jump on the live chat or email us and we can work out how we can help you!

>> accounting, sorted

We provide full accountancy services, so from Business Startups, Sole Traders, Trusts and Companies, we can help you. We are also Tax agents so we work with IRD on your behalf. Business reporting, year-end financials, business planning - we sit down with you to see how we can help you the most, and in plain English no Accountant speak, so you can understand EVERYTHING about your business. 

>> bookkeeping, sorted

Our standard bookkeeping packages are designed to maintain your accounts so that they're always in order and up to date. We can talk about any specific areas you need assistance with and can help you get your head around the right tools and software you need. 

>> digital media

Is your business online? Do you have a website? Social Media? We can help get you set up or if you have made a start we give you all the tools and plans we use to help businesses keep an active online presence and to get their messages and their brands out there. 

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We're happy to meet for an obligation-free talk to discuss your business needs. After reviewing your goals and requirements we can tailor a package to support your business and get you sorted.

Counted your Hawkes Bay Bookkeeping solution is committed to keeping you on track with your bookkeeping, accounting and business needs.

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