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Below is a range of organizations I belong to, as well as products I use in my business which can help you out in your business.  If a product or service is featured here I am either a member of the organisation, a partner, or I am currently using the product and recommend it.

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2 Shakes

Client Onboarding and AML CDD software
for Practices and Agencies

2Shakes’ Cloud-based software reduces your client onboarding and AML Customer Due Diligence compliance processes from 1-2 hours to about 5 minutes.

2Shakes does this by automating the client sign-up, onboarding compliance, and admin work: Your Engagement Agreements, Authority to Act documents and helping you carry out AML CDD.

Whatever Your Business, 2Shakes can help.

Accountants, Bookkeepers, Tax Agents, Lawyers, High Value Dealers, Financial Services and more. Whatever business you are in, 2Shakes can help reduce your compliance costs and worries. Take the hassle out of client onboarding and AML. 


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